old photo of Arlene and Tony Serving the freshest seafood, since 1954 old photo of Arlene and Tony
As my husband, Tony, used to say, "The clams you eat here today, slept last night in Casco Bay."
     – Arlene DiMillo

Because we serve more lobster every day, along with more clams, shrimp, scallops and fish than anyone, our seafood is absolutely the freshest on the waterfront.

October 25, 2016

DiMillo's Happy Hour Specials

Monday thru Friday 4-7 pm

Fried Spicy Calamari $6
Sautéed Mussels $6
Ricotta Meatballs $6
Clam or Haddock Chowder $3
Soup of the Day $3
Buffalo Shrimp $6
Bacon Jalapeno Mac n Cheese $5
Shipyard & Mussels $6
Korean Beef Lettuce Cups $6
Crab and Poblano Queso with House-Fried Chips $6
Mozzarella Fritta $5

Soft Shell Sunday
Sunday Only 5-9 pm
Two, 1lb Maine Lobsters
While it lasts. Served to one person only. Lounge promotion only.

October 25, 2016

DiMillo's Happy Hour Drinks Specials

Mon thru Fri 4 to 7 pm

Monday - Martinis $5
Tuesday - Can-it $3
Wednesday - Select Wines $5
Thursday - Miller Lite Draft & Miller High Life Bottle $2

Sunday - Soft Shell Lobsters $19.99 5-9pm. Two, 1lb Maine lobsters served to one person only. While it lasts. Lounge promotion only.

Also on Sundays, half off bottles of Vinho Verde & Petite Syrah and $7 bottle of sparkling white wine.

Welcome Aboard!
Our restaurant actually floats, and because it is surrounded by water, every table offers spectacular views of Portland Harbor. Our outside decks are great spots to see the sights while enjoying a meal or cocktail.
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